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Gangrene treatment with homeopathy

To understand the process of gangrenetreatment with homeopathy, it is imperative to understand what Gangreneis.


What is Gangrene?

Everybodytissue of our body has got blood supply. When this blood supply to the tissue isobliterated or reduced, that tissue starts dying. This type of tissue death iscalled as Gangrene. With homeopathy, the blood supply is quickly restored andhence gangrene treatment is possible with homeopathy.



Types of Gangrene

There are 3 types ofGangrene.

1.      2.      3.      Dry Gangrene


All the bodyparts need oxygen to function properly and survive and this oxygen is carriedto different parts of the body through the blood. When the body parts do notreceive enough oxygen or enough blood, it leads to the damage of the tissue andtissue dies. This is called the Dry Gangrene. In DryGangrene the skin is closed and there is no evidence of any infection.Dry gangrene is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying disease.


The common diseasescausing Dry Gangrene are

·        ·        ·        ·        ·         

Wet Gangrene

Wet Gangrene happens when the bodytissue becomes infected with some type of bacteria. Body tissues react to thesebacteria by becoming moist and emit a foul smell. Wet gangrene is caused mainlydue to blockage of venous flow.


Gas Gangrene

Gas Gangrene iscaused by a bacterial infection that causes a gas bubble within them. This iscaused by clostridium bacteria.  Thesebacteria are mostly found in soils and then produce exotoxin inside theinfected area, resulting in the release of gases. These bacteria are anaerobicbacteria that grow best when oxygen is not present. This type of Gangrene canbe fatal.


Hence, Gangrenetreatment should never be delayed and should be started as early aspossible.

What causes Gangrene?

Every part of our body tissue requires oxygen to survive.This oxygen is supplied by the blood vessels. Win this supply of blood to thetissue is obstructed or stop the tissue dies and this is the cause of Gangreneso all those factors which obliterate or stop the blood supply are the majorreasons for.

Howto diagnose Gangrene

Usually, this is aclinical diagnosis and is suspected whenever you see the skin of an end-organchanging its color. If the skin color changes to red, or black or if thepatient complains of numbness, coldness, suspect gangrene, and the patient mustbe evaluated further. If the Gangrene is diagnosed early then it has got a goodprognosis for treatment. If the early diagnosis is missed then it can lead toamputation of the part. Gangrene treatment with Homeopathy medicineshave been proved to be efficient in restoring the blood supply to the part thuspreventing the progress of gangrene.


Howto prevent Gangrene

People who are atrisk of developing Gangrene like the diabetic patient or a strong smoker shouldtake care of their hands and feet regularly and check for any symptoms of Gangrenethey should check if there is any swelling discharge or redness for a wood thatis not healing or any change in the color of the skin. They should start treatment of Gangrene immediately theynotice and change.


Whatis the treatment of Gangrene

In the conventionalmedical treatment of dry Gangrene is usually to remove the dead debris and amputationof the part. However, with the gangrene treatment by Homoeopathy, theamputation can be prevented. A good homeopathic medicine can restore the bloodsupply to the affected tissue and cause the prevention of the Gangrene andamputation.


Whatis the prognosis for Gangrene

Dry Gangrene – Goodprognosis

Wet Gangrene – PoorPrognosis

Gas Gangrene – Poorprognosis


HomoeCAREa specialty homeopathic clinic has been successful in Gangrene treatment andhas shown miraculous result with homeoathy.

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