Asthma is the most common chronic diseaseparticularly among children.



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2.Low Blood Sugar – all asthmatics have low bloodsugar although this is not necessarily the cause Asthmatics rarely havediabetes. 

3.Vitamin & Mineral deficiency –

Vit. A keeps mucous membranes in lungs moist andtherefore the cilia will continue to move foreign substances, germs etc. uptothe pharynx for expectorant.


4.Emotional insecurity and on intense needfor parental love and affection.


5.Inherited tendency : Asthma often runs infamilies.


6.Result of suppression of skin complaints inchildren with steroid creams.




Asthma is a commonpulmonary condition defined by chronic inflammation of respiratory tubes,tightening of respiratory smooth muscle, and episode of bronchoconstriction.