Piles also called as hemorrhoids are the swollenveins in and around the walls of return and anus. These swollen veins appear aslumps and cause discomfort and pain while passing stools.


Inflammation in veins may be due to increasedpressure or enlarged varicose veins. Due to excess pressure. The veins whilepassing bowel movements get stretched, irritated and also becomes thin andleads to the development of piles.



The bulging or prolapsed of hemorrhoidal venousplexus occurs when there is rise of pressure around the plexus areas. Thepressure build up around the plexus area occur if the intra abdominal pressurerises. The intra abdominal pressure rises if somebody putted more strain whilepassing stool like in constipation, in hyperactivity and flatulency condition(weak rectal veins, walls) – poor muscle tone in the rectal region –constipation obesity, sedentary lifestyle. Chronic cough, pregnancy, overuse of laxative or chemas. Lifting heavyweights habitually.




The varicosity of anal veins feels pressures due toconstipation. While the wall of veins become weakened, that can affect theprocess of contraction and dilatation in veins. Blood does not flow further in the veins and remains accumulated. So inresult veins become swelled and the wall of veins become weaker.