Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsillitis is a commoncondition in children, teenagers and young adult.


The tonsils are the two round shaped glands in theback part of the throat. They are the first defense system of the body to keepviruses or bacteria entering the body at the throat. The tonsils help topbacteria or virus from entering the respiratory system or the digestive system.When  the tonsils become infected, thecondition is called tonsillitis and the tonsils swells and to feel painful.


There are two types of tonsillitis (1) Acutetonsillitis (2) Chronic tonsillitis.




Bacterial infections, viral infections, parasitic /fungal infections.


It also occurs as an allergic reaction toallergens, for e.g. Pollens, cold things, food preservatives, drugs, mechanicalinjury etc.




It is inflammatory infection of the tonsils causedby invasion of the mucus membrane by microorganisms, usually hemolyticstreptococci viruses.